Monday, 30 January 2017

Tips That Help To Win Satta Matka

In the year 1960, a lottery named Satta Matka was started and since then this game has become a passion for the gamblers. It is famous not only in the city Mumbai but also throughout the nation. The main business of Satta Matka takes place in the central part of Mumbai.

Eventually, many textile workers started playing this game and shops were being opened for the purpose of Satta Matka business. This game of gambling has a very simple format and thus it has gained popularity all over the world. The chances of winning prize here is quite high, which is another reason that attracts many people to get involved in it. A person gets 90 INR for every one rupee which is a great deal.

The following tips will help people in getting better Satta Matka result:
  • Picking Numbers: First of all three numbers have to be picked from zero to nine. Then the chosen numbers have to be added up. When the final number comes, the player has to choose the last one digit number. The players are allowed to choose different rate payouts starting from 9/1 to 999/1. Here, if the player chooses in the multiple of 3, he is at a higher probability of making a Jodi as compared to any other number. 
  • Odds and Fees: The agent of this game is entitled to get a maximum of 5% of the winning amount from any player. Some of the agents fool the players by taking more than 10% commission if the player is not aware of the rules. 
  • Betting Amount Should Not Be Maximum: The players should play the game slowly and steadily and never bet the maximum amount. When the player bets for a small amount then even if he or she loses there is a chance of betting again if lost. While if higher amount is used in betting then the entire amount is lost along with the chance of betting again.  
  • Risky Bets Should Be Avoided: This game is fun but dangerous at the same time. If a player loses, he is advised never to bet his assets like car, property, etc. The agents here are influential and the player may face danger in such kind of betting.  
  • Making Bets For The Dealers: Sometimes, if the player makes good relation with the dealers in Satta Matka then they might help the players in small ways to win the game. This also makes relationship with them stronger which may be helpful in the future bets.  
  • Simple Betting: The numbers chosen should be kept simple and not complicated. Complex numbers result in losing the game.  
  • Proper Mathematics: It is very important to learn a little bit of maths in order to win this game. Sometimes, people tend to lose here due to the lack of knowledge in mathematics.  
  • Ask And Then Play: The people playing Satta Matka for the first time should ask the bookie to give a small explanation on how the others are playing the game. This will be beneficial for the player and he will not end up losing heavy amounts in the game.  
  • Waving Of White Flag Is Important: This game is very addictive and once a person starts playing it, he goes on doing so. It is always important to stop at a particular point and be sensible enough to decide that wasting money is of no use when a person is losing every game.  
  • Rectifying Mistakes: A player must try limiting the mistakes done and should not repeat them in future. Every mistake that the player does is his loss and the profit of the bookie. Thus it is essential that mistakes are to be rectified. 
These points if kept in mind can help the players to win in Satta Matka and enjoy the game. 

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